Darien Summer School & Enrichment

Campcraft-In person OR Virtual


*This class is offered at 10:30am or 1pm.  If students have another class ending at 12:30pm and need somewhere to go until 1pm, try Lunch Bunch!

Students spend 5 days learning how to camp safely and comfortably, all within the grounds of the school. We explore how to set up hammocks, tents, bivvy bags, mesh tents and desert shelters as well as how to build our own natural shelters called 'Bashas'. We also learn how to purify water, hang food bags from trees to keep wildlife away and how to use nature to our advantage when deciding on a safe and comfortable place to camp. The course culminates on the last day with a fun activity and competition and a memento for the students to bring home with them.


All of Lee-Stuart Evans' outdoor courses offered dovetail/ compliment each other.


**This class is being offered in person OR virtually.  If your student would like to attend virtually please email Mr. Evans to let him know. 


Class Title Session(s) Dates & Times Instructor
Campcraft-In person OR Virtual (O201) Schedule Cancelled 5 6/28 Mo., Tu., We., Th., Fr. 10:30AM-12:30PM Evans
Campcraft-In person OR Virtual (O202) 5 6/28 Mo., Tu., We., Th., Fr. 1-3PM Evans