Darien Summer School & Enrichment

Mathletes- Intro to Probability

Grades 6-9

Probability affects decisions adults make every week. We prepare students for practical probabilities and some whimsical hypotheticals. We even use probabilities on students' favorite competitive sport.

Along the way, we examine probabilities in insurance, gambling (not good), lotteries (worse), and disease transmission (possibly deadly). We conclude with students with the biggest North American "money sport", baseball, and how probability has come to dictate play. Your youngster could become a college team's next "saber-metrician!".

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Class Title Session(s) Dates & Times Instructor
Mathletes- Intro to Probability (M002C) 5 7/11 Mo., Tu., We., Th., Fr. 12:30-2:30PM Ivy Bound/Rising Stars